Report on Findings Based on Comparative Study of Reappointments and Term Limits Across Canadian Jurisdictions

This report, commissioned by SOAR, outlines key findings and themes following a study of other Canadian jurisdictions on reappointments and term limits. The report discusses the study’s findings but does not set out SOAR’s views on the best approaches that should be followed in Ontario.  

2014 and 2015 SOAR Medal Recipients Announced

The SOAR Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 SOAR Medal will be awarded to:

Mr. Robert Butterworth, Q.C.

The Honourable Stephen T. Goudge, Q.C.

The recipient of the 2015 SOAR Medal will be awarded to:

Mr. Ian Strachan

The 2014 and 2015 SOAR Medal awards will be presented at the SOAR AGM on December 8, 2015 at the Arts and Letters Club.  Click here for more information and to RSVP to this event.

SOAR Study on the Impact of the Government Directive on Term Limits for OIC Appointments

The SOAR Advocacy and Innovation Committee has published three documents of interest to the membership:

  • Study on the Impact of the Government Directive on Term Limits for OIC Appointments
  • Appendix to the Study on the Impact of the Government Directive on Term Limits for OIC Appointments
  • SOAR Report on Tax Status for Part-Time OICs

Please use the following links to download a copy of each document.

Ron Ellis to Receive OBA Award

Congratulations to one of SOAR’s founding members, S. Ron Ellis, Q.C. recipient of the Ontario Bar Association’s 2014 Tom Marshall Award of Excellence from the Public Sector Lawyers Section.

Ron is former Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal (now the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal), an eminent scholar and advocate for administrative justice reform (author of the seminal Unjust By Design, nominated for this year’s Donner Price in Public Policy).

Ron will receive the award during the 8th Annual Tom Marshall Award dinner on May 7th, 2014. See the attached invitation for full details.

8th Annual Tom Marshall Award Dinner Invitation



Announcement 2013-2015 Soar Board Of Directors And Executive

The Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) is pleased to announce the results of the Board of Directors Elections and Executive Committee for the 2013-2015 term. In October 2013, SOAR launched its first electronic elections platform. A number of exceptional candidates came forward and expressed an interest in volunteering for the SOAR Board and furthering SOAR's mission. The Membership votes were finalized and results presented during the Annual General Meeting held at SOAR's 25th Silver Jubilee Annual Conference at the Chestnut Conference Centre in Toronto. At their first meeting held November 20th, 2013 the new Board elected their Executive Officers. Please join us in congratulating the new SOAR Board and Executive. Click here to read their biographies.

SOAR President

Emanuela Heyninck, Commissioner, Pay Equity Commission
Part Time Adjudicator Health Professions and Health Services Appeal Review Boards

September 12, 2013 Special Meeting of Members Agenda and Materials


Thursday September 12, 2013


Humber Room

MacDonald Block, 900 Bay St. Toronto, ON


You are invited to attend a special meeting of Members of the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators(SOAR) to review and amend SOAR By-Law#1.  Materials will be posted using a projector during the meeting, if you would like your own paper or electronic copy please see below.

Please download the meeting agenda and materials:

Sept 12 ByLaw Meeting Agenda

ByLaw#1 Proposed Amendments

SOAR By-Law Current


Highlights of the proposed amendments:

  • Changes to definitions of Member categories
  • Make-up of the Board of Directors
  • Changes to term of office for Board of Directors
  • Establishment of Standing Committees
  • Changes to Election timing and process
  • Executive Director
  • Conflict of Interest

Please join us for this important discussion. SOAR appreciates your continued support.

SOAR is a volunteer organization comprised entirely of members of the administrative justice community, whose mission is to promote administrative
justice through education, advocacy and innovation.


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