SOAR Medal


The SOAR Medal is SOAR’s top honour.  It honours those who have made a significant contribution and demonstrated their commitment to the field of administrative justice, who have been dedicated and active members or supporters of SOAR, and/or who have made a significant contribution to the administrative justice field and to the well-being of the community at large. 

To be eligible for the SOAR medal, nominees must have demonstrated:

Consistent outstanding service and achievement of exceptional leadership dedicated to advancing excellence in the field of administrative justice, above and beyond the successful completion of day to day responsibilities; or a singular accomplishment of particular significance to the administrative justice community.

Although it is not mandatory for the award recipient to have volunteered for SOAR, the selection committee will consider an individual’s unpaid volunteer service with SOAR.

The Nomination Process

Each year, SOAR invites nominations for the SOAR Medal. The SOAR Medal is presented at SOAR's AGM in December each year..  The Nominations close on October 15 of each year the medal is awarded. All nominations are reviewed by the SOAR Medal selection committee. 

Nominations for the award will be accepted from any source.  The recipient does not have to be a SOAR member.  The award is open to both current and former members and staff of Ontario’s administrative justice community.  This includes adjudicators, tribunal staff, lawyers who practice before agencies, public servants, academics, and judges.  Individuals paid for services to SOAR are also eligible for the award provided they meet the selection criteria for the award.  Current members of the SOAR Board of Directors are not eligible for the award.


Nominations must include:

1. Name and contact information for Nominee and Nominator

2. A letter of nomination setting out the reasons for the nomination;

3. Background information on the nominee’s outstanding service and achievements as they relate to the award;

4. A current curriculum vitae; and

5. Two (2) letters from other individuals supporting the nomination.

Download the Nomination Form Below and send to 

Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators at

NEW MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 25 Toronto, Post Office F, ON M4Y 2L4

PAST SOAR MEDAL RECIPIENTS since the Award's inception in 1995

1995 Robert W. Macauley Q.C., Dr. Ratna B. Ray, George Thomson

1996 Mary Cornish, Andromache Karakatsanis, Andrew J. Roman

1997 Jeff G. Cowan, S. Ron Ellis Q.C., Margot Priest

1998 Marie C. Rounding, John Swaigen, George Adams

1999 Gary J. Guzzo, Janet Skelton, Gary C. Yee

2000 Clare Lewis, Heather MacNaughton, Brian Goodman

2001 Doug Colbourne, Carolyn Fenn, Ken Sandhu

2002 The Honourable John Laskin, Kent McClure, Zeynep Onen

2003 Michael Bay, the late David B. Braund, the late Nick McCombie

2004 Kathy Laird, Richard Prial

2005 The Honourable Madam Justice Deena Baltman, David Mullan, Ted Yao

2006 Murray Chitra, The Honourable Justice David O’Connor, Robert Owen

2007 The Honourable Douglas Carruthers, Carole Prest

2008 Mary Ellen Cummings, Linda L. Gehrke, Dr. Bonita (Bonnie) Porter

2009 Sara Blake, Chisanga Puta-Chekwe

2010 Mary Camacho, Dean Lorne Sossin, The Honourable Justice Kevin Whitaker

2011 James Girling, The Honourable Justice David Stratas, Toby Vigod

2012 Ayumi Bailly, The Honourable Justice Edward Ormston, Paul Sommerville

2014 Robert Butterworth Q.C. The Honourable Stephen T. Goudge, Q.C.

2015 Mr. Ian Strachan

2016 Mr. Gary R. Stanley, The Honourable Freya Kristjanson

2017 Avvy Yao Yao Go, Lilian Ma

2018 Valerie Jepson, Janet Leiper

2019 Emanuela Heyninck, Susan Opler

2020 Brian Cook, Laura Pettigrew

2021 Raj Anand, David A. Wright