Structure of SOAR


SOAR is a non-partisan, non-profit association made up of individual members (institutions do not qualify for membership).

SOAR membership is divided into four sections:

  • Chairs,

  • Full-time adjudicators or dispute resolution officers,

  • Part-time adjudicators or dispute resolution officers,

  • Staff and Management working in the administrative justice sector

Gavel on Book


The Society is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of elected members, a President elected by the members of the Board of Directors, and an Executive Committee appointed by the Board. To see a listing of the current members of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, go to Meet the Board page. 


SOAR has approximately 800 members from over 150 agencies, tribunals, boards and commissions. SOAR membership is free if eligibility is met. Section 3 of SOAR's by-law sets out requirements for membership.

Finances and Resources

There is no general funding or revenue other than surpluses from the SOAR annual conferences, SOAR training programs and the sale of the SOAR Adjudicators' Manual. There is no membership fee. Aside from the Executive Director, who oversees operations, SOAR work is generally done by volunteers with the co-operation of our partners, and stakeholder agencies.