SOAR Annual Conference Planning Committee - 2020

The SOAR Conference Planning Committee is charged with planning and organizing SOAR’s Annual Conference.  This year's 32nd annual SOAR conference is scheduled to take place on November 5, 2020.  The Committee meets monthly and is busy at work planning workshops and plenaries for this year's half-day of virtual training.   The current committee members are:

Cynthia Pay - Co-Chair, Immigration and Refugee Canada

Noeline Paul, Co-Chair, Condominium Authority Tribunal

Michelle Alton- Workplace Safety Insurance Appeals Tribunal

Dan Abrahams- Professional Engineers Ontario

Eric Bruce- Professional Engineers Ontario

Maureen Carter-Whitney- Condominium Authority Tribunal

Linda Gehrke- Workplace Safety Insurance Appeals Tribunal

Carolyn Gora- College of Nurses Ontario

Anshumala Juyal- Immigration and Refugee Canada

Grace Knakowski - Ontario Securities Commission

Cecile Landon- Landlord and Tenant Board, Tribunals Ontario

Lindsay Lawrence- Ontario Labour Review Board

Genevieve Plummer- Ontario College of Pharmacists

Jay Sengupta - Peel District School Board, Law Society Tribunal

Preeya Singh- College of Audio Speech Pathologists Ontario

Daphne Simon- SOAR

Jillian Siskind - Condominium Management and Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Carolyn Slon- Ontario Securities Commission

Voy Stelmaszynski- (formerly) Ontario Labour Relations Board

Sue Woodland - SOAR