Membership in SOAR

In order to qualify as a SOAR member, the following applies, per SOAR's By-Law, section 3:

  1. The following persons shall be eligible for membership in the Society:

(a) Regular (voting) Members shall include:

  • Any person performing adjudicative/regulatory functions authorized by an Ontario provincial statute or municipal by-law (“Ontario adjudicator or regulator”);

  • Any person who is the head of or employed by an Ontario body in which such functions are exercised (“Executive Chair, Chair, Associate Chair or staff of an Ontario adjudicative or regulatory tribunal”);

  • Any person appointed to a teaching position in a post-secondary institution and having a professional interest in the administration of justice; and

  • Any person appointed by the Board of Directors to be a member of the Board who would not otherwise be a Regular Member (“designated Board member”).

(b) Associate (non-voting) Members shall include:

  • Any person performing adjudicative/regulatory functions authorized by a federal statute or by a statute of a province other than Ontario or of a territory; and

  • Any other person who can reasonably be seen to have a significant professional interest in Ontario’s administrative justice system, as approved by the Board of Directors.

Currently, membership is free. The Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators is committed to an ongoing process of education and communication with its members in order to pursue issues of importance to adjudicators and staff in the administrative justice community. SOAR, encourages individuals in the agency, tribunal and regulatory sector to join the association and participate in its various activities, such as:

Sitting on a committee as a volunteer, serving on the SOAR Board of Directors, participating in our training and education events (though most educational events are open to the public), networking with others in the adjudicative and regulatory sector, attending our Annual General Meeting, voting in our online Board of Director elections, attending SOAR member-only events, etc.

SOAR members are also encouraged to provide the Board of Directors with feedback on the different educational and policy initiatives undertaken by SOAR. We are very sensitive to the views of our members and try to respond to them in the development of successive endeavors.

If you are eligible to become a SOAR member, please join online for free or download the SOAR membership application and return by fax, email or by mail.

If you are not eligible to be a SOAR member at this time, please join our mailing list to receive regular up-to-date communications from SOAR.