Advocacy and Innovation Committee

The Advocacy and Innovation Committee is a new standing committee of SOAR. Its terms of reference are as follows:

  1. Identify emerging public interest issues and innovative ideas of relevance to the administrative justice community.

  2. Make recommendations for how SOAR can best pursue or respond to issues and ideas, and advocate on behalf of the SOAR membership on matters of concern to the membership.

  3. Create and maintain processes for the active engagement of the SOAR membership in the work of the Committee.

  4. Foster working relationships with other organizations to develop partnerships on public interest issues of concern to the administrative justice community.

In early 2015, the Committee embarked on a project which lead to a statement of principles on re-appointments for members of adjudicative tribunals. The first phase of this project consisted of a study of the impact of the “ten-year cap” on appointments. This research is now completed and the report, along with appendix, about the impact of the cap on Tribunals, members and the public is now available on our website. The second phase of the project will involve research into how other jurisdictions deal with the issue of term limits on appointments to adjudicative tribunals.

The current committee members, as at January 2018, are:

Brian Cook- Committee Chair, HRTO

Catherine Bickley- SJTO

Anne Gottleib- CAT

Emanuela Heyninck - PEO 

Ian Mackenzie - WSIAT 

Liz Nastasi- SLASTO

Joanna Smith - WSIAT

Josephine Racioppo -SJTO

Jennifer Scott - HRTO 

Shirley Netten - WSIAT

Sophie Martel -WSIAT  

Ron Ellis

Nadra Qadeer - IRB

If you are interested in becoming involved in the work of the Committee or have suggestions for further projects that the Committee could undertake, please consider volunteering by contacting our Executive Director, Daphne Simon, at


Advocacy and Innovation Committee Updates

Statement Of Principles For The Appointment Of Adjudicative Tribunal Members

This document, prepared by the Advocacy and Innovation Committee, sets out principles that apply to the appointment of members to adjudicative administrative tribunals in Ontario and in particular to the 37 adjudicative bodies with statutory judicial powers governed by the Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009 (ATAGAA).

Results and Research of appointments and re-appointments to Administrative Tribunals in Quebec

This paper was prepared for the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) as part of SOAR’s Advocacy and Innovation Committee's ongoing consideration of the issues of appointments and re-appointments of Order-in-Council appointments in Ontario. It supplements research done in 2014-15 by Aisha Amode, available on the SOAR website. The current paper was prepared by Zinejda Rita in April 2016. Ms. Rita is a law student at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Report on Findings Based on Comparative Study of Reappointments and Term Limits Across Canadian Jurisdictions

This report, commissioned by SOAR, outlines key findings and themes following a study of other Canadian jurisdictions on reappointments and term limits. The report discusses the study’s findings but does not set out SOAR’s views on the best approaches that should be followed in Ontario.  

This report is a follow up to the study conducted by SOAR regarding the impact of the government directive on term limits, which requires that order-in-council (OIC) appointments not exceed a maximum of 10 years.