SOAR Strategic Plan 2017-2019


On October 6, 2016 the SOAR Board of Directors met with a third party facilitator to determine SOAR's strategic direction for the next 3 years. 

Back row, L to R: Ian Mackenzie, WSIAT, Brian Cook, HRTO, Kwame Addo, Ombudsman Toronto, Robert Blair, OSC, Jason Glover, SST Front Row, L to R: Gary Yee, LAT (SLASTO), Sophie Martel, WSIAT, Daphne Simon, Executive Director, Heather Gibbs, ELTO, Janice Vauthier, HPARB, Voy Stelmaszynski, SOAR President, OLRB

Strategic Directions (2017–2019)

Direction #1: Foster improvements in the administrative justice system SOAR is uniquely placed to encourage ways of maintaining and improving the integrity and effectiveness of Ontario’s administrative justice system. We need to proactively generate innovative ideas and respond to external developments that may put the system in jeopardy, in partnership with others who share similar goals.

We will:

• Sponsor research on administrative justice to enhance the system as a whole.

• Convene roundtables on topics related to administrative justice.

• Build in system improvement topics for discussion at our annual conference.

• Broaden and define SOAR’s approach to advocacy – including objectives, limitations, and partnerships – to advance the goal of system improvement.

• Research and recommend policies and tools for assessing adjudicator performance in a fair and transparent way.

Direction #2: Strengthen and expand educational programs SOAR’s education and training programs are well established, well attended and well received. Our strategy is to continue to focus on our core programs while finding ways to strengthen and expand them.

We will:

• Offer new programs in alternative dispute resolution and advanced adjudicator training.

• Enhance faculty recruitment and training.

• Develop criteria for accepting requests to provide in-house training based on our core programs.

Direction #3: Build capacity to achieve objectives. We need to increase our organizational capacity to fully discharge our mandate and to make progress on our strategic directions.

We will:

• Engage in more active recruitment of volunteers for SOAR and its committees.

• Develop succession planning strategies for board members, program coordinators, and faculty.

• Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of options for hiring additional staff and investing in office space.

• Consult with members – including adjudicators, regulators, counsel and staff – to learn more about their needs and priorities for SOAR activities.