Public Service Grievance Board, Part Time Member

Position/Title - Member (Part-Time)

Agency - Public Service Grievance Board

Closing Date - 16-Oct-2019

Location(s) - City of Toronto

File Number - PAS-190076

Position Type - Part-Time

Remuneration - PER DIEM

Roles and Responsibilities

Public Service Grievance Board (PSGB) is an independent adjudicative tribunal that exercises the powers and duties conferred upon it by the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006 (PSOA), and O. Reg. 378/07. Its purpose is to provide dispute resolution and adjudication services between certain management/excluded crown employees and the government as their employer.

In the role of Member, appointed to the PSGB, you will be responsible for the resolution of disputes between parties appearing before the Board pursuant to the PSOA by using a variety of dispute resolution methods, including mediation and adjudication of disputes and rendering written / oral decisions.

Members are required to have the following abilities, skills and knowledge in order to carry out their responsibilities effectively:

Aptitude and experience in impartial adjudication; sound judgement to fairly assess cases involving issues regarding conflicting verbal / written evidence and the assessment of credibility, without outside influence.
Legal background; experience in interpreting and applying legislation with ability to quickly acquire knowledge of the PSGB’s governing legislation and related law.
Well-developed legal dispute resolution skills; experience in labour/employment mediation and adjudicative processes.
Understanding of the professional, institutional, and community context within which the PSGB operates.
Advanced understanding of administrative law, and the concepts of fairness / natural justice.

Demonstrated analytical, conceptual, problem-solving, decision-making and writing skills.
Ability to listen and to communicate clearly and effectively, including with a high proportion of unrepresented complainants.
Demonstrated ability to formulate reasoned decisions and communicate them orally and in writing for publication in a timely manner.
Commitment to ongoing professional development.
Self-confidence / self-control and sensitivity to diverse interests in order to maintain effective control in confrontational and stressful situations.
Commitment to respect diversity, and to maintain fair, transparent processes that meet high professional standards.
Computer literacy.
Ability and willingness to travel.

 Other Responsibilities

Ensure compliance with ministry and agency policies, such as Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive and Payment Policy.
Adhere to agency performance measures for time frames for writing decisions.
Participation in educational and mandatory government training.
Comply with agency procedures, including those related to documentation of hearings, emergency preparedness and health and safety issues.


2 years

New appointments are for an initial period of two years and subject to renewal for a maximum of 10 years, in a given position, upon the recommendation of the Chair.

Time Commitment

Meetings as required.

Part-time, to be scheduled as needed and available. Able to offer at least 20 days for hearing/mediation dates a year. Actual workload varies with number and kind of applications in any given time period, and whether a written decision is required in any particular case.



Part-time Members are paid a per diem of $788 per day, and reimbursed for eligible expenses consistent with government policies.

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Expiry Date: 
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 5pm