Volunteer Adjudicators for CPA Ontario Adjudicative Tribunal

Seeking Volunteer Adjudicators for the Adjudicative Tribunals of CPA Ontario

CPA Ontario protects the public interest by ensuring its more than 100,000 members (Chartered Professional Accountants) and 21,000 students meet the highest standards of integrity and expertise. 

The CPA Ontario Adjudicative Tribunals are currently seeking volunteer adjudicators, including:

  • Professional representatives (CPAs), especially:
    • those with a Public Accounting Licence (PAL), and
    • members from outside the GTA.
  • Public representatives (members of the public who are not CPAs), with regulatory or adjudicative experience.

The appointments are for a one-year term and may be eligible for reappointment for a maximum of three additional three-year terms.

CPA Ontario members may apply here: Volunteer positions on the Adjudicative Tribunals

Members of the public may apply by requesting information at tribunals@cpaontario.ca

Expiry Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2024 - 5pm