Ontario Energy Board - Commissioner (Full Time and Part Time through September 30, 2026)

Client Organization:     Ontario Energy Board

Position Title:               Commissioner (full- and part-time)

Reports to:                    Chief Commissioner              

Location:                     Toronto, Ontario / hybrid



Currently there is a need for multiple Commissioners – full-time and part-time – to replace three Commissioners whose terms are ending and to meet the ongoing needs of this Ontario regulator. 

The OEB is the independent regulator of Ontario’s electricity and natural gas sectors, protecting consumers and making decisions that serve the public interest to promote a sustainable and efficient energy sector, for today and tomorrow. The OEB performs its mandate through effective, fair and transparent regulation, including adjudicative proceedings. The OEB is committed to ensuring the independence, transparency and effectiveness of the adjudication process that arises from its quasi-judicial role as the regulator of the energy sector in Ontario.

Appointed by the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the CEO and accountable to the Chief Commissioner for the efficiency, timeliness and dependability of their hearing and determination of matters, Commissioners serve on panels and make independent decisions on applications that come before the OEB and to which they are assigned by the Chief Commissioner. These applications, which include utilities’ requests for approval to change their rates, merge with another utility or build new infrastructure, are decided through a court-like process that involves an oral, written or electronic hearing.


  1. Render timely and high-quality decisions on applications in accordance with applicable legislative requirements, administrative law and the principles of natural justice.
  2. Hear and decide substantive and procedural matters in both written and oral proceedings in an independent, impartial and transparent manner.
  3. Perform in accordance with the principles of regulatory excellence, including independence, accountability, certainty, effectiveness and efficiency. Work collaboratively with other panel members to define and develop the analytical framework for individual cases.
  4. Function as the presiding member and lead panel processes, as required. Support the introduction of efficiencies and innovation in the adjudicative process.
  5. Comply with all legal, regulatory and governmental requirements and the OEB’s corporate policies.
  6. Provide advice to OEB staff on the development of regulatory policy and other matters on which the OEB is consulting the sector.


Education, Knowledge & Experience

  1. Academic qualifications and experience ideally in natural gas or power operations/engineering, energy system planning, or law/administrative law. Additional relevant experience in one or more of the following would be an asset:  economics, finance/business management, consumer/public interest, Indigenous consultation, environmental/energy efficiency, and the Four D’s (Decarbonization, Deregulation, Digitalization, Decentralization).
  2. Experience in the Ontario electricity and/or natural gas industries, with an appreciation of the complexities of an evolving market, energy transition and innovation.
  3. Knowledge of the OEB, its mandate and the regulatory and business environment in which it operates. Knowledge of the principles of economic regulation, administrative law and the principles of natural justice, and of the roles, responsibilities and powers of an adjudicative body.
  4. Experience in making and effectively communicating complex decisions, often involving large amounts of technical evidence, and balancing the interests and rights of a diverse range of stakeholders, ideally in a regulatory agency or quasi-judicial administrative tribunal setting.
  5. Experience in multi-disciplinary and collaborative environments encompassing highly specialized subject areas.
  6. Experience in the interpretation and application of legislative and regulatory frameworks or policies.

Core Competencies

  1. Financial Literacy:  the ability to read and interpret financial statements, ratios and other indices, identify and analyze financial risk, and apply this competency to understanding and properly assessing rate submissions.
  2. Industry Knowledge:  an understanding of all sectors of the electricity industry and natural gas distribution and transportation in Ontario. 
  3. Integrity/Ethics:  act in accordance with OEB’s Ethics Framework, other OEB corporate policies, professional standards, legislation, and government directives; hold oneself to account for principled behaviour, being honest and transparent, civil and respectful, and operating in the public interest.
  4. Teamwork/Collaboration:  as panel membership is a fundamental aspect of the Commissioner’s role, effectiveness of the OEB is directly proportional to the degree of preparedness and professionalism of panel members, how collaboratively and respectfully they work together, and the quality of their interface with staff and external stakeholders.
  5. Leadership: as Commissioners may be assigned the role of presiding Commissioner on a panel, the presiding member sets the tone by virtue of their interpersonal demeanor, understanding of protocols, administrative skills for optimum efficiency and effectiveness, and fairly addressing contentious matters. Commissioners also provide leadership in support of innovation in the work of the OEB, and in how the OEB facilitates innovation within the energy sector.


Appointments will be made by the Board of Directors for a term of no longer than two years.


While most of the work can be done virtually, hearings may be in person in Toronto. To be compliant with tax, employment standards and cyber security protocols, the principal residence and place of work of a candidate must be in Ontario.


Part-Time:      $788/day + approved expenses aligned with the OEB’s Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expense Directive

Full-Time:       $164,900/annum + benefits + approved expenses aligned with the OEB’s Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expense Directive


The Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 prohibits the appointment of a person who has any material interest in or is a director, officer, employee or agent of:

  1. a market participant
  2. a generator, distributor, gas distributor, transmitter, gas transmitter, storage company, gas marketer or retailer
  3. a unit sub-meter provider
  4. the Smart Metering Entity
  5. a person who sells electricity or ancillary services through the IESO-administered markets or directly to another person who is not a consumer
  6. an industry association that represents a person referred to in subparagraph i, ii, iii, iv or v,
  7. the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) or
  8. an affiliate of a person listed in subparagraph i, ii, iii, iv, v or vii

"Material interest” is a question of fact in every case.  The OEB has quantified “material interest” as a financial interest of $10,000 or more and includes the fair market value of debt or equity, but “material interest” does not include a mutual fund or ETF unless specifically targeted at the Ontario energy industry or a segment of the Ontario energy industry; membership in a pension plan; participation in an annuity or life insurance policy; or a GIC or similar financial instrument issued by a regulated financial institution.


If you are interested in being considered for this exciting adjudicative position, please submit your cover letter, indicating your preference for the full- or part-time position, along with your current resume to Chris Sawyer:  chris.sawyer@lhhknightsbridge.com.

Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact a member of the LHH Knightsbridge project team:

The application deadline is May 15, 2024. For more information about the position, click here




Expiry Date: 
Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - 5pm