SOAR - Funded Research Opportunity


SOAR is an organization with representation from Ontario’s administrative law tribunals, boards and agencies. It is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors and has a full-time Executive Director.

SOAR is seeking a researcher with an interest in how administrative law tribunals interact with self-represented litigants.

Working closely with members of SOAR committees and the Board of Directors, the researcher will contact tribunals, boards, and agencies identified by SOAR to obtain information about how the organizations make themselves accessible to self-represented parties, and to identify innovative practices that have been developed.

The researcher will also contact organizations that provide legal assistance to parties who appear before tribunals, boards, and agencies to identify projects or processes they have developed to assist self-represented parties.

The researcher will then draft a paper describing the accumulated information.

It is anticipated that this project can be completed in a period of approximately three months on a part-time basis. Remuneration will be based on qualifications and experience of the researcher.

Please send a letter of interest and a resume to Brian Cook, Chair of the SOAR Advocacy and Innovation Committee: by May 15, 2018.