Part-time Tribunal Appointment - Electrical Safety Authority

As part of Electrical Safety Authority’s (ESA) review and modernisation of its appeals process, we are expanding and diversifying ESA’s Review Panel Roster. We are seeking individuals with adjudicative experience as well as members with expertise in relevant industries regulated by ESA, including product safety, licensing and certification, utilities, standards, and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

The ESA Review Panel is an expert tribunal appointed to hear appeals arising out of ESA Orders. In addition, the ESA Review Panel ensures electrical safety by examining ESA licensing decisions against Master Electricians and Electrical Contractors. ESA’s goal is to provide a fair, effective and efficient appeal process as an important hallmark of a transparent and accountable regulator.

A Selection Committee has been established to make merit-based assessments of potential candidates by applying specific criteria to ensure they meet the knowledge, skills and ability qualifications for appointment. The Selection Committee will review applications, conduct interviews and propose candidates for approval and appointment by the ESA Board of Directors. 

The posting and position are described below.



The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is revamping its appeal processes with the goal of improving and modernizing the ESA Review Panel. The ESA is a not-for-profit Delegated Administrative Authority (DAA) authorized by the Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act to administer the Electricity Act, 1998 and is responsible for electrical safety in Ontario. The Review Panel is responsible for hearing appeals from Orders issued by the ESA as well as Notices of Proposals issued against Licensed Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians.

As a Member of the Review Panel Roster, you will hear appeals involving ESA Orders and licensing decisions involving Licensed Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians. Typically, these hearings are conducted by three members sitting as a panel.  The Review Panel Roster includes Industry Representative Members and Public Members. Industry Representative Members are those experienced with ESA-administered regulations, such as licensing, product safety, utility regulation and Ontario Electrical Safety Code.  Public Members are individuals who have previous adjudicative experience and will act as Presiding Member of the panel. Each panel will have a Presiding Member who will be required to preside over hearings, write decisions and reasons. Review Panel Members may be assigned to conduct pre-hearings, settlement conferences and motion hearings.

The ESA encourages applications from persons with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Time commitment: Roster Members are expected to commit the equivalent of up to fifteen (15) days per calendar year. This includes availability for scheduled in-person or telephone proceedings, and preparation and writing time, as well as training.

Remuneration: Review Panel Roster Members are paid a per diem. Travel expenses are also covered under the ESA policy. Per Diem rate is competitive with similar adjudicative tribunals. 

Term: Members will be appointed by the ESA Board of Directors for an initial term of three years, with the opportunity for reappointment.

Application: Interested applicants should review the Roster Member Position Description below, and send their cover letter and résumé to ESA will contact only those candidates selected for the interview process. Please submit your application by the end of the day December 7, 2018.

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Expiry Date: 
Friday, December 7, 2018 - 5pm