Condominium Authority Ontario Board of Directors- Call for Candidates

Call for Candidates for Elected Director Vacancy for the CAO Board of Directors

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The Condominium Authority of Ontario announces a call for qualified candidates to stand for the position of Elected Director on to the Board of Directors for a three-year term. The present vacancy will be filled pursuant to the CAO’s established administrative agreement and governing by-law.

The CAO’s mission is to engage and empower Ontario’s condominium communities with information, education and dispute resolution.


Designated under the Condominium Act, 1998, the CAO was launched in September 2017 as a delegated administrative authority to administer provisions of the Act and its regulations as delegated by the Ontario government.

The CAO supports consumer protection by providing services and resources for condominium communities across Ontario. It is funded through assessment fees that are collected from owners by Condominium Corporations and remitted to the CAO, along with user fees charged by Condominium Authority Tribunal.

The CAO is a not-for-profit corporation, governed by an independent Board of Directors that operates under an administrative agreement with the Minister of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS).

The CAO’s mandated services were established to achieve the vision for informed and engaged condominium communities across Ontario. The road to achieving this vision has been paved by providing value through a digital service model that is accessible and cost-effective, including:

  • Easy-to-use information for condominium communities available 24/7
  • Resources, tools and guided steps to resolve common issues collaboratively before they escalate into disputes.
  • Dispute resolution services through the CAT – Canada’s first fully online tribunal.
  • Easy-to-navigate condominium returns and notice of change systems to help condominium corporations fulfil their legal duties and to remain transparent.
  • A searchable Public Registry containing information on every condominium corporation in Ontario.
  • Mandatory education and training for condominium directors to help them understand their oversight and legal obligations.
  • A mandatory condo buyers’ guide to help Ontario’s residential condominium buyers navigate the process of purchasing and owning their new condominiums.
  • 19 condominium forms that are to be used by owners and condominium corporations   under the Act.


The CAO is governed by an independent, part-time Board of Directors and is comprised of three ministerial-appointed directors and four Elected Directors. The Board is accountable for the CAO’s performance to MGCS through the Board Chair.

The Board of Directors provides strategic direction to the CAO and also helps shape fulfillment of the CAO’s legislative and regulatory obligations.

The Board has launched its initial committee structure, comprised of the following Committees:

  • Audit & Risk Standing Committee
  • Technology Sub-Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Governance & HR Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Tribunal Advisory Panel

The Board has established a skills-based board governance model and Elected Directors are filled through call for candidates and nomination process. Applicants will be evaluated and recommended for election based on their skills and experience against the competency criteria found in Schedule D to the administrative agreement to ensure a diversified Board.  Care is taken to ensure representation from a diverse range of backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives, including from different regions of the province.


The current Board brings a collective mix of skills and experience in areas including technology expertise, tribunal operations, condominium sector governance, and fiscal management. For this vacancy, the Board is looking for a candidate who can provide complementary knowledge and experience in administrative justice and alternate dispute resolution, in particular, given the CAO’s mandate, experience with tribunals and adjudication.

In addition, the new Board member should possess a range of skills and experience that supports the existing Board’s strategic value to the CAO. Qualifications and competency criteria from Schedule D are listed below.

  1. Basic Prerequisites

Each Board member shall be an individual who:

  • is no less than 18 years of age;
  • has the power under law to contract;
  • has not been found by a court in Canada or elsewhere to be mentally incompetent, and
  • does not have the status of Bankrupt.
  1. Collective Board Skills and Experience

It is important for the Board to have diverse backgrounds, from both within and outside the condominium sector. Collectively, Board members should:

  • be positively oriented towards proactive consumer protection initiatives;
  • provide strong participation that strives for excellence and supports consensus-building;
  • be strategic thinkers who take a governance-focused approach to Board responsibilities; and
  • demonstrate proactive support of the CAO’s statutory mandate, mission, vision and values.
  1. Individual Knowledge and Experience

Strengths and gaps in the existing Board will be considered when recruiting new Board members, in order to complement the existing members’ knowledge and experience. Our goal is to address the following across the full Board as much as possible:

  • Governance: Experience overseeing and directing a corporation by supervising, building consensus and contributing to executive management.
  • Financial Oversight and Planning: Experience or knowledge regarding audit, finances, investment or asset portfolio expertise, accounting, risk management and compliance requirements, particularly in an oversight or supervisory capacity.
  • Information Technology: Experience with the planning, procurement and management of IT data collection/ analysis/use and systems related thereto, including experience in supervision, accountability and oversight.
  • Risk Management: Experience or knowledge of the process of assessing risk and acting in such a manner, or prescribing policies and procedures, so as to avoid or minimize loss associated with such risk.
  • Legal: Experience or knowledge in interpreting and applying legislation, regulations and compliance requirements, or the legal requirements to develop and operate a not-for- profit or business corporation.
  • Developing & Operating Business: Experience being in a leadership position during the start-up and steady-state phases of a new business or not-for profit corporation. Public sector experience is an asset.
  • Strategic Planning: Experience with strategic business planning, including organizational development, human resources, design and effectiveness.
  • Not-for-Profit Experience: Experience being in a leadership position within a not-for- profit corporation, or having knowledge of the requirements for a not-for-profit.
  • Government Experience: Knowledge and experience of working within or with provincial or other levels of government, to facilitate the liaising, reporting, and relationship-building necessary to establish a sound footing for ongoing government oversight and accountability relationships. Administrative authority-specific experience is an asset.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Experience or knowledge of ADR theory and practice.
  • Administrative Justice: Experience with administrative law, adjudicative bodies, natural justice concepts and best practices.
  • Condo Sector Knowledge: Experience or knowledge of the condominium sector in Ontario, including an understanding of the governance model for condominiums.
  • Teaching, Training and Public Education: Experience or knowledge of the development, execution, and review of education or training programs or public education and awareness initiatives.
  • Marketing/Communications: Experience as a communications professional with knowledge of best practices in developing public facing material for education, branding, and communication. Social media knowledge or experience an asset.
  • Innovation/Design/Collaboration: Familiarity with brokering innovative partnerships or approaches to operations and organizational design that can facilitate efficiencies, cost sharing, and ultimately customer service.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility: Experience in or knowledge of championing diversity, inclusion and accessibility in governmental, not-for-profit or private sector organizations.

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Application process closes July 12, 2022, 12:00 am ET

Expiry Date: 
Wednesday, July 13, 2022 - 1am